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The fastest, most-effective Agricultural Lime on the market

With G-Lime you make every penny count. Unlike ground limestone, which will contain many larger chips, every pellet of granulated lime is 100% effective at raising the pH of your soil. By maintaining soil at the required pH, locked nutrients are made available to the plant for uptake, increasing the value of nutrients in every bag of fertiliser.

G-Lime has a proven effect on crop yield, when compared to untreated land, for identical soil and weather factors. In a recent field trial in County Antrim, soil applied with 150kg/Ac of G-Lime, resulted in a 47% increased yield of Winter Barley. The additional calcium also ensures that your crop remains resilient against threats from bacteria, fungus and insects.

Adopting a “little and often” approach to your liming program can provide you with significant savings and increased nutrient-use efficiency, ensuring that you continue to maintain the best possible conditions for higher quality, greater volume and more resilient crop - for many years to come.

It’s time to make your soil work for you!

When soil is acidic, there is a high percentage of H and Al cations (positively charged ions) present. The soil’s negatively charged cation exchange capacity gets clogged up with the cations, pushing out nutrients needed for plant development. This happens over time as Ca and Mg leach out. Lime displaces H and Al ions, replacing them with Ca, thus neutralising the soil.

All lime is not equal. The finer the lime, the faster it will take effect. At best, 50% of a load of ground limestone will pass through a 350µm sieve. The rest will be larger chunks that will take years to break down. In contrast, 100% of the powder in granulated lime passes 350µm, with 99.7% passing 125µm. The pellets dissolve instantly on contact with moisture, making granulated lime 100% effective in raising soil pH.

Just as with fertiliser, it is important that lime is applied regularly. As Calcium and other nutrients are removed from the soil, the pH will naturally drop. By applying a small amount of granulated lime each year, “little and often”, you can remain at target pH for much longer than you would by applying much larger amounts of ground limestone every 4 or 5 years.

You can also apply G-Lime with your own spreader, making it the perfect fertiliser partner!

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