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In addition to our blended fertilisers, we also supply a range of true granular compounds, which contain two or more nutrients in each singular granule.

All our compounds are sourced from our trusted, long-term suppliers, and are screened during bagging to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

Explore our range below, and get in touch to discuss your needs and for a no-obligation prices.

Our compound range includes both Nitrogen-Sulphur, and NPK compounds, including:

  • 10-15-21 + SO3
  • 10-26-26 + SO3
  • 15-15-15 + SO3
  • 26N 33SO3
  • 27N 10SO3
  • 30N 17.5SO3

Available in:

600kg 600kg
1000kg 1000kg
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