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Ammonium Nitrate

Nitrogen is essential for plant growth and plays many roles including increasing protein content, nutrient uptake, mobility and photosynthesis. Choosing the right nitrogen source is essential to crop yield.

At Glasson Fertilisers, we offer both Prilled and Granular Ammonium Nitrate to suit your requirements.

Our primary imported ammonium nitrate product, Pulan, is a high-quality, consistent, prilled nitrogen product that is perfect for use on both grassland and arable crops

Pulan has been tested to spread to bout widths of 24 metres as accurately as any other prilled ammonium nitrate on the market (for spreader settings please see the PDF documents at the bottom of the page). The product is available in 600kg bags and is coated to prevent caking.

Pulan is manufactured by our Commercial Partners Group Azoty, the second largest producer of nitrogen and compound fertilisers in the EU. For more information about Pulan and Group Azoty, please click here.

Available in:

600kg 600kg
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For those spreading to greater widths, our granular ammonium nitrate is the superior quality product on the market.

Containing 33.5 units of nitrogen, our product is a uniform-sized, high bulk density granular fertiliser available in 600kg bags. With the correct spreader settings and calibration, our Granular AN is tested to spread up to widths of 42m. For spreader settings please see the PDF link below.


Available in:

600kg 600kg
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