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Our advice centre has all the information you’ll need about choosing and using fertiliser from Glasson.

Using the right fertiliser is fundamental to crop quality and yield, and at Glasson Fertilisers we can help you through every step of the process.

We work with our customers to help drive efficient nitrogen use, and ensure you only apply what your crop needs. Our bespoke blends release nutrients in a targeted way, improving both efficiency and return on investment.

We offer a full soil analysis service for all crops, and our FACTS qualified advisers can help you create a bespoke fertiliser plan to suit your requirements.

For more details about our services please call 01524 753600, or email us at fertilizers@glassongrain.co.uk

We are passionate about improving soil health to improve fertiliser efficiency and help you to grow better crops and forages.

We are experts in understanding your soil sampling analysis and provide advice based on your soil health and crop requirements. 

Our soil tests range from a basic assessment to broad spectrum, as well as animal health tests. Our team are FACTS qualified and we work with customers to develop nutrient management plans that deliver quality crops. 

To arrange a soil test contact one of our FACTS qualified advisors on 01524 753600 or email fertilizers@glassongrain.co.uk

Our products are made from well-sourced raw materials and our strong supply chain relationships help us guarantee the exceptional quality of our product range.

Our plants are equipped with the latest manufacturing technology, helping to ensure superior product quality. Efficient mixing, oil coating and screening of our fertilisers all mean that they reach you in perfect condition. We regularly analyse the nutrient content of our blends and our production technology is maintained by our team of specialist engineers to ensure our products meet the high standards we expect.

Our bespoke, durable packaging combines a sturdy outer layer with a weather-proof inner lining to ensure product is well protected and easy to handle. Bag weights are checked and recorded during every production run, and wagons are weighed in and out of site.

We have a 48-hour factory-to-farm policy, meaning our products are never stored beyond longer than necessary. Unlike other suppliers, all our blends are made to order, meaning the product you receive on farm is in the freshest and best possible condition.

We have a strong network of hauliers, ranging from local carriers to nationwide distributors. Our dedicated transport team and strategic plant locations means we can guarantee fast response delivery, and we can supply your fertiliser on an artic or rigid wagon. All our hauliers are FIAS accredited.

We believe in quality assurance and product security, and that’s why we can trace your blend back from the farm to the hour it was made. Analysing and managing every aspect of the supply chain allows us to be in control of the quality of the product and means our fertiliser can reach you in the finest and safest condition.

We recognise that building a successful partnership requires more than great quality products. With this in mind, our experienced and helpful staff are dedicated to supplying a personal service and unrivalled after sales support.

Every step of the supply chain is accredited by the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme. FIAS was launched to assure fertiliser security and traceability in the industry supply chain, and is managed by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC). More information on the scheme can be found here.

Just as important as choosing the right fertiliser for your crop, the best results are achieved by the nutrients being applied accurately and evenly across the field.

For best results we would always recommend tray-testing fertiliser prior to application, but guideline spreader settings for some of our products are available in the links to the spreader manufacturers databases below:



You can also find specific product spreader settings in our product range section

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for please contact Glasson Fertilisers on 01524 753600

Glasson Fertiliser is a committed member of the Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme.

FIAS was launched to assure fertiliser security and traceability in the industry supply chain and is managed by the Agricultural Industries Confederation (AIC).

All customers should follow the AIC 5 Point Plan when purchasing and storing fertiliser.

  1. Wherever possible use a Fertiliser Industry Assurance Scheme (FIAS) approved supplier.
  2. Wherever possible keep in a secure area such as a building or sheeted away from public view.
  3. Carry out regular stock checks and report any loss to the Police immediately (call 101)
  4. Avoid leaving fertiliser in a field overnight – never leave fertiliser in the field for a long period of time.
  5. Remember it is illegal to sell ammonium nitrate without the correct documentation.


For more information on safe storage of fertilisers please visit www.secureyourfertiliser.gov.uk

At Glasson Fertiliser, we supply all the relevant advice and safety information with each of our products and via our safety data sheets (link to page). If you require further information or advice, please contact us today to speak to one of our FACTS qualified advisors on 01524 753600, or email us at fertilizers@glassongrain.co.uk

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for please contact Glasson Fertilisers on 01524 753600

Glasson MSDS Group 1

Ammonium Nitrate, and Ammonium Nitrate and Ammonium Sulphate blends, containing 45% to 70% Ammonium Nitrate

Example blends: Glasson 30N+20SO3

Glasson MSDS Group 1

Glasson MSDS Group 2

NPK, NP, and NK blends containing 70% to 80% Ammonium Nitrate

Example blends: Glasson 27-05-05 or Glasson 27-0-10

Glasson MSDS Group 2

Glasson MSDS Group 3

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate blends or any other Ammonium Nitrate blends that contain less than 45% Ammonium Nitrate (Nitrogen-Sulphur grades only)

Example blends: Glasson 26N+12SO3 or Glasson 27N+8SO3

Glasson MSDS Group 3

Glasson MSDS Group 4

NPK, NP, and NK fertilisers, and NPK, NP, and NK fertilisers containing S, that contain less than 70% Ammonium Nitrate

Example blends: Glasson 25-05-05, Glasson 20-10-10, or Glasson 24-0-14+S

Glasson MSDS Group 4

Glasson MSDS Group 5

Ammonium Sulphate

Example: Glasson 21N+60SO3

Glasson MSDS Group 5

Glasson MSDS Group 6


Example: Glasson Granular or Prilled Urea

Glasson MSDS Group 6

Glasson MSDS Group 7

Urea-based Blends

Example blends: Glasson 40N+14SO3, Glasson 38N+19SO3, or Glasson 33N+30SO3

Glasson MSDS Group 7

Glasson MSDS Group 8

Phosphate, Potash, and PK Fertilisers

Example blends: Glasson 0-20-30, or Glasson 0-24-24

Glasson MSDS Group 8


Glasson MSDS Group 9

NPK, NP, NK - Non Ammonium Nitrate based

Example blends: Glasson 24-05-00, Glasson 23-05-05 or Glasson 20-10-10 - Made without AN 

Glasson MSDS Group 9

Other Safety Data Sheets

Pulan MSDS

Granular AN 33.5 MSDS

Zaksan 33.5 MSDS

Lithan MSDS

27N 10SO3 and 26N 13SO3 Compound MSDS

ASN 26N 31SO3 Compound MSDS

Saletrosan 26N 33SO3 Compound MSDS

Saletrosan 30N Compound MSDS

G-Lime Granular Lime MSDS

NPK 10-15-21+S Compound MSDS

NPK 10-26-26+S Compound MSDS

NPK 15-15-15+S Compound MSDS

PotashpluS MSDS

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Plant Nutrient Calculators

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